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The HP Large Format Printing division provides tools and services for implementing hardware, software and firmware solutions by 3rd party companies. HP LFP also shares SDK (libraries & documentation) for our large-format printers with our partners.

What will you be able to do here?

  • Download development resources
  • Get technical support assisting your development
  • Start a Business Collaboration with HP

Getting started into LFP SDK

We provide Software Development Kits (documentation and libraries) for developing printers drivers and other software solutions. Below you could find a list of the different SDK offered by HP LFP.

Printer specific SDK

  • Printer Description: provides specific integration Use Cases and Printer Description in order to facilitate SDK functionality integration (one per printer or pack of similar printers)

Shared SDK common

  • UniLib: library with a common interface accross Large Format printers that allows the tracking of printer and job status, consumable status, printer alerts, job accounting, device usage, media management
  • Raster Library: library with a common interface accross Large Format printers for submitting rasterized jobs to the printers
  • Color Measurement Library: library that allows the control of the printers embedded specthrophotometer 
  • Printer Usage and Job Accounting Interface: httm interface for connecting to printer web services that return the printer job status, usage and job accounting.
  • Raster Stream Library: library for submitting jobs with specific compression for HP PageWide XL printers
  • HP Latex JDF SDK: Interface for integrating the JDF spec from our HP Latex 3000 Printer Series
  • Online Media Server Interface: Interface for connecting Softwares to HP Online Media Server Cloud Solution
  • HP Application Center Job Queue Interface: spec for integrating 3rd party softwares with HP Application Center Cloud Solution

HP Large Format Printers

In case you have doubts about which printers are included inside the HP Large Format Printers, below you could take a look to the different printers categories which supports our HP LFP SDK.

As a leader in large-format printing, HP delivers cutting-edge technology built specifically to help design professionals do their jobs with ease and excellence.

Wide-format print service providers around the world are turning to HP Latex Printing Technologies to expand their capabilities, shorten turnaround times and differentiate their prints and their business.

Experience breakthrough printing speeds and low running cost for a wide range of monochrome and color applications, thanks to HP PageWide printers.

Grow your business into rigid applications with the HP FB500, FB700, FB550 and FB750 Sign and display presses.

HP STITCH printers are the perfect solution for large format textile printing, offering vibrant and accurate colors across the fleet and over time.




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